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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Go2 Domain Forwarding

Domain Forwarding is a service that automatically redirects visitors from one domain to another. This tool is also handy when you have registered a new domain name, but have no interest in creating a new website. Domain Forwarding works to your advantage by linking a new domain name to existing websites or social networking pages like Facebook, Tumblr or LinkedIn. While E-mail Forwarding, specify your selected e-mail address and all email messages from your existing email accounts will be forwarded to your new e-mail address.

Go2 Domain Service includes URL Forwarding. With Go2 Domain, your domain name will be transferred to any website location or social media sites like Facebook or Tumblr. Increase your web page traffic by having a simple and easy to remember URL that transfers your visitors directly to your domain.

Go2 Domain Plus Service includes both URL Forwarding and E-mail Forwarding. If you have several e-mail addresses and would like your messages to be re-routed to a specific e-mail address, it is best to employ an e-mail forwarding service as well.